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MSTR® Scar Tissue Release


Scar tissue is formed as a natural response to trauma when skin or body organ is lacerated; a hole or wound is made which should not be there.  The body reconstructs and repairs the wound as soon as possible the best way it can.  

During the healing process a scar is formed when the new collagen fibres do not grow in the same consistent direction.  This will lead to a thickened fibrous mass which can impede blood circulation, lymphatic flow and constrict range of movement.  The scar will appear discoloured and with an uneven texture.

Symptoms caused by scar tissue can have a huge impact on daily life, not just initially following the event and the recuperation phase, but can be problematic for decades following the trauma.  Symptoms can also include psychologically effects to the scar tissue when there has been an emotional event surrounding the acquiring of the scar.
These emotional responses can too stay with you for years following the incident as the scar tissue is a reminder of the event.

How Does MSTR® work?

MSTR® works by gently releasing the scar tissue fibre, resulting in improved blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the area.  The scar can become softer and paler, trapped nerve fibres can be released.  Restrictions in range of movement can improve.

This scar work is not massage or deep friction work, it is a unique method that focuses solely on scar tissue and working with the collagen fibres in the skin.

What are some of the physical effects of scarring?



Loss of feeling

Reduced sensation





Restriction of movement

Loss of flexibility

Postural distortion

Discolouration, changes in skin texture and colour

The surrounding muscles can become stiff and weak

Low self-esteem and loss of confidence

Sleep disturbances

Loss of libido/sex drive

Anxiety, depression, PTSD



Self-loafing, self-image problems

Psychological disconnection from that part of the body (especially for C-section and hysterectomy scars)

Are there emotional & psychological responses to scar tissue?

Some scars will more likely illicit an emotional response, such as a scar resulting from unexpected surgeries, major accident or injury.  These emotional burdens may lift very quickly when the scar tissue is re-integrated into the body.

What are the benefits of MSTR®?

Some of the benefits you can experience may include, but not limited to:

Reduction in pain

Increased blood flow improves the appearance and pliability of the scar.

Excess lymph fluid will drain from the area reducing swelling.

May help to decrease numbness, tingling and soreness.

Increases range of movement of surrounding joints and muscles.

Increased flexibility

May help to improve the appearance of your scar.

Decrease the build-up of scar tissue.

Release emotional trauma attached to the scar

Improve self-esteem

What type of scars can MSTR® benefit?

Some of the scar which can be treated, but not limited to:

Surgical Scars

Caesarean (C-section)

Spinal surgery

Mastectomy, reduction or enhancement scars


Abdominal or appendix

Underlying scars from keyhole surgery

Replacement surgeries such as shoulder hip, ankle and knee

Carpal tunnel

Heart surgery

Trauma Scars


Stab wounds

Bullet wounds

Other scar type tissue

Plantar fasciitis scarring

Dupuytrens contracture

Areas of dense fibrous tissue

Tears to muscle, tendon, ligament

At what stage is Massage to Scar Tissue suitable?

MSTR® can be carried out on any age of scar once the incision has fully healed.  Usually, allow 8 weeks post injury for the body to have time to heal.

While effective in the first 2 years when the scar is still forming, there are still noticeable improvements when working on older scars and improvement on scars more than 80 years old has been achieved.

How long is an MSTR® session?

Sessions usually last between 30-60 minutes depending on the size, age, position of the scar, along with the emotional attachment of the scar.

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